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By working together, we share a commitment to safety, integrity, quality and an exceptional experience.

The trade partner solicitation and selection process must be open, fair and thorough. Our goal in the trade partner selection process is to provide interested firms with the opportunity to compete on projects for which they have the experience, financial strength, and workforce availability to successfully complete. Material vendors and suppliers are not required to complete the prequalification application.

Saunders was honored with three prestigious Contractor of the Year awards by the American Subcontractor Association of Colorado (ASAC) — the first time a Hall of Fame member was honored this 10bet sports bettingmany times. These awards are a true testament to the dedication of our local trade partners, and the way we work with and treat them.  

Have questions? Need assistance with the prequalification process? Contact us at sub.prequal@saundersinc.com.

Prequalification Application

Trade Partner Outreach Program

Saunders has continuously evolved its small and diverse business outreach program since 2006, including the formation of our Outreach Task Force that supports, retains and attracts these businesses to better work with our project teams. The task force assists with community outreach, prequalification applications, and the education of our project teams on the compliance process as well as ensure transparency within the community.

We guide small and diverse businesses through the prequalification process, helping them understand project requirements and why they are required. 10bet bonus codeInstead of just checking the box for best effort — we take the initiative to support our trade partners to ensure they have the tools to continue to work for Saunders and our clients.

Saunders listens and provides support to our trade partners and the communities we live and build in. While we always meet diversity goals set on a project, however, this is not our ultimate goal. Our goal is to genuinely and actively support small/diverse businesses to strengthen their firms.

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