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Saunders brings one of the largest and most accomplished preconstruction services teams of its kind in the Rocky Mountain region. We approach each project as partners, integrating with the design and ownership teams, to understand the goals and character desired for each project. We lead our projects with an open book approach and proactive communication.

Project Cost Development

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Reliable baseline estimates depend on our ability to visualize what is not shown and leverage experience and exceptional skill to fill in the gaps. Our ability to leverage strong, local trade partner relationships and historical cost data leads to an accurate final cost early in the design process.

10bet promo codeValue Optimization & Analysis

We work hand-in-hand with design partners to influence the project’s cost decisions targeting value, while maintaining design intent.

Partnering with design teams, we work to understand the project’s vision and offer reasonable cost alternates — balancing construction systems with design intent. We leverage experience, local trade relationships, and construction technology to fully understand and price each scope, delivering as much program as possible, all while designing a durable, sustainable, resilient, and forward-thinking building.

Constructability Reviews

Saunders will lead the budgeting and constructability effort with a structured process called Collaborative Project Planning (CPP).

The objective of the CPP process is to involve all stakeholders and team members in identifying and resolving scope, constructability, and coordination issues 10bet bonus codebefore final guaranteed maximum price (GMP) formulation. We do this in lieu of issuing requests for information (RFIs), which often leads to cost changes or schedule delays during construction.

Trade Partner Relationships

Saunders has developed long-term relationships with over 17,000 trade partners since 1972.

Leveraging these relationships allows for accurate cost options and quick execution of contracts — reducing risk on your budget and schedule. All trade partners are prequalified through an internal qualification process that mitigates financial, insurance and performance risks.

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